Friday, 1 January 2016

Getting rid of clothes/stuff

It soo silly, but I spend hours and more time looking at minimalists websites than actually getting rid of stuff.

It's parting with sentimental items or stuff from different ages of my life that I find hard letting go.

Some tips:

1. Give them to charity.
This is by far the easiest and best solution.
It's so nice to receive and email saying how much was raised from your donation.
Others are actually going to make use of the stuff that's just sitting in the cupboard.
They take so much from clothing, books, homewares to furniture,

2. Recycle.
If stuff isn't fit for charity, recycling is an environmentally friendly option.

3. Give them to friends/family.

4. Sell.
I really don't like selling stuff, it takes too much time and for the effort it's worth I'd rather give it to charity. ( I'm talking ebay with highstreet clothes) However with unique items like antiques you know it's going to someone who wants it.

& sometimes it's like I can't believe the money I spent on this stuff and I feel guilty, but actually you just have to get over it.

& I think, It's just stuff. The fact I have to build myself up and think about things so much, I just keep going back and thinking about charity and it's better use.

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